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The Mind Gardener is on sabbatical and not currently taking any new clients. Previous clients and referrals, please contact her through her private telephone number. 

Also, We are happy to bring on board 2 new teachers who have worked with the Mind Gardener for over 8 years combined. They are currently working with me on a large project, but as soon as they are available again, staff will send out a newsletter introducing them!

Welcome to The Mind Gardener Michael and Caitlin! Thank you for your service !

The Mind Gardener, Deborah Welch, is a Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Master Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her undergraduate work was completed in 1998 in Human Development. Her graduate coursework was completed in Education (teaching credential) in 2000. She attended California Polytechnic University and graduated from California Baptist University

Deborah, has assisted countless families in overcoming difficult, stressful and seemingly impossible situations. Issues ranging from relationship struggles to traumas as well as emotional, mental and spiritual healing are a few of her areas of specialization. She has served families, organizations and individuals through many disciplines, making her an experienced and highly proficient leader in the arena of personal growth and development. She is an educator, consultant, presenter, guide and healer, who understands the needs and dynamics of families and groups. Deborah is an expert in working within the dynamic of interpersonal relationships. She profoundly and compassionately draws out the essential factors involved in helping her client’s actualize their highest potential.

Deborah's natural intuition and keen insight give her the uncanny ability to see directly in to the heart of any situation. This gift allows her to bring immediate clarity to her client and a speedy resolution of the presenting problem they are experiencing.

With nearly two decades working with parents and their children, individuals and groups, she has become exceptionally effective in identifying and resolving the core factors involved in the struggles that people face. Her selfless devotion to the well-being of everyone she comes in contact with, makes her a passionate communicator, teacher, guide, mentor and friend. Not only is she masterful in her ability to apply her cognitive and developmental training, but she is also compassionately aware of the aspects of her client's inner nature which brings a great depth of wisdom to the change work that she facilitates.

The Mind Gardener will meet you exactly where you are.

The Mind Gardener’s  One Problem, One Solution Paradigm makes true and lasting change available to you Now. You have only your perspective to change.


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Deborah continues to be in contact with many of her former students and clients long after her professional role in their lives is completed. She offers her intimate companionship and loving support  well beyond what is required of an effective teacher because her investment in their well-being comes from the deepest part of her. Everyone who comes  into this powerful woman's life is proudly transformed as the blessings of her deeply compassionate and understanding nature radiates in to all the relationships she builds.   











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