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A Note from The Mind Gardener:

You have been extraordinarily amazing. These experiences, journeys of faith - taken if you will, we take together. Where two or more are gathered with the intention to restore wholeness, miracles happen.  I am forever grateful to all whom I have worked along with - for their willingness to open to the wonder of living. Thanks for the ride and thanks for the kindness.  In Love and With Love, Now and Always, D                                                                        


 Yesterday I read a definition of gentleness that gave me a new perspective for the word...and I immediately thought of you.   Gentleness - The word is not an indication of weakness, but of power and strength under control.  The person who possesses this quality pardons injuries, corrects faults, and rules his own spirit well.  So, thought of you!  Praying and inviting more of that for myself.  Thanks for being a blessing and an example. Love you Stacy :)

 Deborah is one of the best things that's ever happened to me.  She is the most honest, fair, direct, and loving person I know.  She is an inspiration to me.  She is everything wrapped into one beautiful, magnificent package -- friend, teacher, mentor, spiritual leader, guru, counsellor, and partner in this beautiful thing called "life".  Kristy, TX

 Deborah's work with my teenaged daughter produced a calming and healing effect at a time when my daughter was dealing with the death of two close friends, break up with a boyfriend and suicidal gestures of her best friend. At a time when my daughter was falling behind a semester in high school and suffering many personal tragedies, she started drinking alcohol and ended up in a mental ward lockdown for 72-hour observation as a danger to herself. I immediately contacted Deborah to see if she could help us.

Deborah helped my daughter to build her self-esteem, develop positive coping skills and assertive behavior. After several short sessions meeting with Deborah she ended up turning herself around, catching up on her  school work, graduating high school early, starting college a semester  early and is now enrolled in college for the summer semester taking a  full load of classes.

The positive effect that Deborah had on my daughter even seems to have rubbed off on my daughter’s best friend (whom Deborah saw once) who is now happy and no longer mentions suicidal thoughts. I believe Deborah  came into our lives at the perfect moment and her work with my daughter has had a reverberating effect in all of our lives. At a time when I thought I had an out of control teenager The Mind Gardener's influence was exactly what was needed.
Thank you so much Deborah! ~ Clare G., Crestline, CA

 I heard a man say once that God often offends the "mind" to reveal the "heart". Kinda feel like you have (besides the Holy Spirit) been that one to hold a mirror up to our minds and hearts. I also continue to get a recurring picture of you riding a white horse with that black tshirt you have with the silver sword. (Silver, speaks of redemption - something you "buy back") anyway, you have been the one holding up that mirror of truth to me (us) and exposing the false belief systems, judgments, fears, faulty thinking, etc., and taking a sword and cutting through things in an hour that would take a typical counselor to do in 6 months. David P, California

These are amazing! Deep levels of meditation are now that much easier to attain with these sounds! Thank you

 Every once and awhile we stumble upon something greater than ourselves but enhancing as well..Thank you Jason and Deborah. I.L.

.....you are a great healer .... You are my next step ... Your tools are perfect clear and coherent. It is amazing...you are providing a real class room thanks for the A+ material. Thank You Jason.

 Thank you so very much, I have anxiety and this is helping SOOO much with my journey of well-being and breaking free from the grip of fear and going into a life full of happiness.

 Deborah has brought me to a place of success that I never imagined was possible. I have gone from an insecure person, addicted to control and limitations...to a highly successful student. Words cannot describe how grateful I am. D.C. CA.

 I was led to Deborah at a crisis point in my life.  After studying diligently and faithfully for many years and struggling to comprehend my true nature, I found myself in a downward spiral of despair and darkness. I literally was afraid that my mind would cease functioning from the stress of my mental chaos. The Mind Gardener "met me where I was" and gently pointed me to the truth that was already waiting under the surface of my panic.  Her interactions with me were calm, simple, loving and yet profound. Deborah was not swayed by the manipulations of my ego in any way...just calmly pointing to the answers deep within my being...patiently reaffirming the truths that I knew I recognized at some level.

Her willingness to listen to her own wisdom and be a channel of truth was the lifeline I so desperately needed.I would highly recommend The Mind Gardener as  being authentic, loving, professional and extremely insightful. ~ Sue Tennant,   Indiana

This seminar opened up new ways to think, see and accept all that is very powerful and transformative.    Thank you! 


 I remember the first day that I met Deborah. When our eyes met I knew right then and there we would have a very strong connection and that she would help me tremendously. Deborah changed my life and if anything helped me endure the struggles I was having with anxiety and my life it was HER. Without her and the amazing help she gave me, I don't know where I would be and how I would have the strength to get through very hard times. Although I have moved away from Deborah believing that she really is with me is what gets me through alot. Her presence left a mark on me. My life has changed drastically. Deborah truly is my angel. Rachel, Running Springs, CA

It sounds like creation. Pure and abundant creation.

 I approached Deborah when I was in a crisis in my life. A family situation left me feeling out of control and filled with fear and anxiety. The Mind Gardener's wise counseling helped restore much-needed serenity to my life so that I could function and deal with the situation.

  ~ Susan Carrier, CA

Every once and awhile we stumble upon something greater than ourselves but enhancing as well...Thanks for sharing these much needed sounds as an aid, for a world, of confused variations.

 Deborah has been a powerful person in my life. She helped guide me through an intense period of transformation. She has a profound connection to her innate divinity. Her willingness to serve others with unconditional love is deeply inspiring. She is strong and focused. She is one of the few people in this world who have the power to perform miracles. ~ June Holliday, CA  

These are brilliant. I am so grateful to you, for sharing these with all. What a creative gift you have.....the ability to make another feel so deeply and inspire.

  Keep doing what you are doing Deborah... what you are doing has changed many lives, including mine.

  Dear Deb, How grateful I am for the "sight" that is dawning.... how many pieces are falling into place as I simply trust...The horrible suffocating cloud of despair has been shown to be nothing... how freeing to be able to say that...and know it is so....And yet....I am moment by moment even more aware of not being who/what I thought I was..I am realizing that "progress" and "answers" come not as I would expect.  
In my mind I thought I had to strive and search and learn...and even when I found you I thought I would be pouring out questions and interactions with you for months to come... now I find the silence brings me to the present moment...where there are no questions...no discussions..

May you be blessed with the wonder of this moment! Thank you for your 
love and kindness and the light you shared with me in my darkness! ~ S.T.

This puts my newborn to sleep in about three mins in... no matter how fussy. if i play the whole thing, he sleeps through the night. he doesnt even want a pacifier.


 Dear Deb: I just wanted to take a moment and say Hello and let you know of the joy that is blooming in the depths of my being.....there are no words for what I am experiencing.... the level of "aha" is far beyond anything I could adequately describe....I have been almost silent for several weeks as so much truth has dawned....
 The love flowing thru me and outward towards my brothers is just mind boggling...and the sweet relief !!!  Truly.... my moment of utter despair (dark night of the soul, if you will) brought me to the brink of truth....  grateful is now my middle name!  Although.... our truth exists beyond name and form! What sweet relief!  May love carry you tenderly and joyfully as you continue to point to the truth!  ~ Sue

I have been to many seminars, but this is like no other - powerful - awesome.

 I would like to share that the works by Deborah and Jason have had a deep and profound experience. I have had the good fortune of having their works in my life both personally and professionally, in my sound healing practice. The resonance and harmonics they bring forth are truly divine, healing and loving. I invite you to explore this magnificent realm of healing on the sound waves of Light and Love.....once you do....you will truly be transformed to be able to harmonize and resonate with the Heavens.Infinite love and gratitude, Pat...

 Dear Jason and Deborah, Source Vibrations has given me the opportunity for a new life.
Two months ago I was so stressed out that I could hardly function. I had daily headaches, a stiff neck and pain in my jaw from grinding my teeth at night. I was mentally and physically exhausted. Everything seemed to be going wrong and it felt as if I were constantly waiting for the next disaster to occur in my life. I lived in fear and was deeply depressed.
In just a few sessions, the therapists at Source Vibrations enabled me to see the causes of my anxiety and helped me to overcome the limitations I had put upon myself. With their loving support and guidance, I was able to understand how my inner conflict and learned behavior had kept me in an endless cycle of misery for years.
At first, it took some time for me to learn how to accept this new sense of peace in my life. It is a feeling that I have never felt before. I now feel in complete control of the wonderful experiences ahead of me. My life is now filled with joy and a sense of excitement in anticipation of each day.
Thank you, Source Vibrations. Words can not express my immense gratitude. ~ J. Monroe, Crestline, CA

I honestly wish that Deborah could be the presenter/instructor every time. We have so much to learn from her. 


 Deborah, You were probably the biggest help to me out of any body I ever worked with.  I always felt like I could come to you with any problem I had and I completely trusted you with anything. You were always so honest with me about what I needed to do or change to get where I wanted to be.  I definitely feel like I wouldn't be where I am today without your friendship. I still keep with me all the tools you have taught me and I am very appreciative of having you in my life. I love you. ~ Love, Julia S.

Dear Jason!! The meditation is beautiful! Thank you so much!! It has lead me to my right place in life. After only a few days with the meditation I hav a lot bigger understanding what it means being a lightworker and it´s importants of it.
You are a master in what you do and your wife too, I love her video " vision one self" please give her my compliments from me. Maria

 Deb, What can I say to you? You were there for me when I thought I would die. I have no idea where I would be without you. I still bring the tools with me that you taught me, everywhere I am. Thank you for being in my life. I love you. Love, ~ Rachel F.

Miss Deborah, You were the boss that we needed the most. You brought me up to a place of understanding that I could be a director and run a whole school. I never knew this was possible.
Thank you, ~ Miss Kesha

  Dear Deb, I had so much trouble learning until I met you. You helped show me that I could learn, even when I did not want to. I always want to be in touch with you, because you were always there for me. You never judged me, even when I knew I was wrong. You did help me to become a better person. Thank you. I love you. ~ Hannah J.

 Deb, I miss you so much. I can’t believe it. I always want you to be in my life forever. You have changed me, by showing me I could change myself. ~ Love, Anthea

 Deborah, I cannot even begin to explain how you have affected me. When I was at CEDU, I knew one important reason that I was there to find my angel. You are my angel.  I remember when you arrived in December or so, and I was on a restriction. I was no where prepared for a new teacher to be so open with me, and put reality directly in front of me. Something I was trying to run from, love.
I was lucky to be in a couple of your classes, because in each one I learned something special. I experienced constant connections with you. I remember when I asked you to show me magic. When we were sitting at the bench by the art barn during the olympics you looked in my eyes. You have been been able to touch my intangible love.
You are so beautiful, and you have inspired me to take a look at situations which I thought were worthless.  Thank you.  ~ Madeline

 Deborah guided my son (and us) through talking about a subject that would have gone horribly awry without her there. She quickly and easily got my son to discard all excuses or external forces that might have been a factor on his actions, and got him to focus on what was real for him. Deborah brought my son from the point where he was crying from letting go of shame and fear for his future, where she showed him compasison, understanding, and hope. By the end of the call, I'm pretty sure my son felt a huge weight removed from him, and the beginnings of self-acceptance that he may not have reached for many painful years to come without this.

The skill she has in helping my son through these issues is phenomenal; I've been to several psychologist and therapists in my life, and the distinction between their clinical and theoretical approach compared to Deborah's fully-engaged, earth-bound, and personal involvement with my son left a profound impact on me, and more importantly on my son. No therapist could ever hope to reach my son in the way Deborah has.  Thanks to Deborah, I have more hope for my son (and for me as his dad) than I ever expected to have again. Korey K., WA

 Where do I begin?? As cliche as this sounds, it is so true in this case. Words are just not enough to tell you Thank you.Thank you for all that you have done for me, for my family and especially for my son. Deborah you truly are one in a million. I will never forget his first breakdown on the phone, when I felt so damn helpless and you assured me you were holding his hand and I heard you talking him through it.   And, it did not stop there.  You took time out of your own personal life (I am doubting you get much of one) to call me and assure me, that he was ok and more than that, to check on me.These truly are the acts of a caring, selfless person. I cannot express my gratitude for all you have done enough, so I shall just say......THANK YOU and Bless you always. Jocelyn, CA

 Just a quick note to say thank you for all you do. You are amazing. You have helped us so much in this most difficult time in our lives. Your experience and insight is priceless. I have read many of the posts on the web-site and it is obvious that these kids could not have achieved what they did without your guidance. DL, Illinois

I just wanted to say that attending the Parent Seminar was amazing, in so many ways! It really helped all of our family tremendously. I met so many wonderful people, staff and boys, and as I told Deborah, it was truly a life-changing weekend! KG, Texas

 Thank you for truly making a difference. Deborah thank you for being available when we needed you most. PL, Chicago

 I cannot say enough myself about how invaluable Deborah has been. JC, CA

 When I thought my pain, problems and struggles were connected to my son, Deborah guided me to see otherwise.  I am learning how to look in a mirror and empower myself to change.  Deborah has been my travel agent for what I like to refer to as my "inner travels." The struggles in my relationships have really been about me, not "them."  When I release people (especially my kids) from the fear of punishment and control...that makes room for love and freedom.  Learning how to empower one another through love, not punishment, has been huge for me!  And when I get stuck and choose a path that leads back to my old habits and ways, I can connect with Deborah...my "travel agent."  I know I am receiving her honesty, truthfulness and acceptance in the process. S Pascolla, CA

Deborah, I want to thank and praise you for the long, hard, tireless and selflless work you do. It just hit me, how many different personalities,  not just the kids, but all of their parents, you are dealing with on a daily basis. Wow,  it takes a very special human being to take on such a task, and you seem to do it with such ease and familiarity.  
I am sending you the biggest hug on behalf of all of us parents that have come and gone and are still hanging in there. I have said this before and I know I echo all  YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!  and we could not have done it without you. Jocelyn C., CA

 Our son came to love and respect Deborah a great deal! Their relationship was much more than just special.  Deborah listened to him and really made him figure out what he was feeling and needed in his life through love, respect, kindness and discipline. Deborah has a way with these kids that really no one else has, she has a very special gift that makes you want to be a better person just from being around her. Deborah and I quickly became close friends and she also helped me deal with many other issues that had nothing to do with my son. I became a better mother and person because of her. God has given Deborah a very special gift and I truly believe that  in her work she will help many children become who they were meant to be. When my son returned home he worked with Jason (Deborah's husband) to get through the difficult transition times. Real miracles happen when you work with Jason and Deborah Lynn H., Washington

  Deborah is the most real person I have ever met in my life.  She has an inner light that shines brighter than anyone else that I have ever met.  She has helped me to reconnect with Mother Earth and the values that I forgot I once had.  She has helped me on the journey to find my true self.  I am grateful to her beyone words.  She is a great speaker, an inspirational motivator and an all around awesome human being. Leah F, Louisiana

 There comes a perfect time when you meet someone necessary for growth.  Deborah has worked with my 12 year old son and through that relationship the blessings overflowed to me.  My son understands his place in our spiritual journey as mother and son.  His growth and change is amazing.   He is happier and his self confidence is building.  As for me, when the student is ready the teacher appears.  She has helped me be a better person, mother and has added to my spiritual journey.  We love her and are grateful for her knowledge, understanding, compassion, love and healing energy......Lynn K, Naples, Florida

  We want to thank you for taking our son under your wing.  We have enjoyed your wisdom and humor throughout this long journey.  Our son, was in such a desperate frameof mind emotionally and not doing anything to take care of himself physically.  You have addressed each and every need at the perfect time.  You have pushed when neededand pulled back when appropriate.  We were concerned that he would never be able to be successful and have a chance for a future.  You have done a wonderful job mentoring him, helping him learn contentment, and loving him.  He is now maturing into a wonderful son and young man.  Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. L Hammons, Oklahoma

I am very grateful to Devorah.   " The Truth must dazzle gradually ... Or every man be blind" ~Emily Dickinson 

With love, Carmen



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